“Dirty Dancing” Recap from the Pantages Theatre!

Hey guys!
So I had the fun opportunity to check out opening night of “Dirty Dancing” at The Pantages Theatre last night. Not only did I love the movie while growing up but I loved their rendition of it last night! Gillian Abbott and Christopher Tierney were great as Baby & Johnny… Adrienne Walker was the standout vocalist, Jenny Winton as Penny was an amazing dancer, and Alex Scolari provided great comedy as Baby’s sister Lisa. My fav part was the dance sequence at the end! They nailed it! I also enjoyed how the few pantomime scenes added comedy to the show (although this was debated between my friends and I lol…But I respect their theater background so just my opinion) If you enjoyed the movie, then I believe that you will enjoy this one! Two Thumbs up.

Tickets are available at www.hollywoodpantages.com or www.ticketmaster.com and the show runs February 2nd – 21st


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